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2. A fee of $25.00 cash will be billed by Equitrade when a reservation has been booked.

3. Client is responsible for any taxes, gratuities, service  charges and incidentals charged by Equitrade or individual properties.

4. Reservations placed directly at a property without the Equitrade authorization will be treated as a cash reservation.

5. All reservations are subject to availability and black out periods may apply.

6. Client authorizes Equitrade to issue a payment due on reservations.

7. Equitrade strives to book quality accommodations but cannot guarantee the quality or conditions of properties.

8. All service fees must be paid up to date. If not, client authorizes Equitrade to charge the above cc for fees due.

9. Allow A Minimum of 7 Working Days to Process All Requests

10. Travel request forms MUST be completed, completely.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Decide on your destination and complete the travel request form by clicking the link below and filling out the requested information.

Email the form by clicking  HERE.
For our travel request form, click HERE